STEAM Camp dates for the year 2020:

Two sun-soaked and fun-filled weeks of fascinating
and adventurous learning ANYWHERE!

Week 1: 07/20/20 -- 07/24/20  and  Week 2: 07/27/20 -- 07/31/20 


Registration deadline: Friday, 05/22/20. 

Stay tuned for some new and exciting updates to our program!

Below is the sample of courses offered in 2019.


For more information, see the "FAQs" or "Policies" section.


K - 2nd Grades


Little Astronomers--New

Experience the world outside of Earth! Students will learn about our solar system and engage in activiites that will enhance their understanding of the Planetary System.

Zoo Cool Science

Students learn about animals and will go on exciting field trips and behind the scenes tours of what it takes to care for animals. They will also visit local farms and learn about domesticated farm animals and how this important industry creates food for our families. Possible trips may include, but are not limited to, Turtle Back Zoo and/or Lakota Wolf Preserve.

The Science of Art

Children will learn art and science are in everything. They will create beautiful art work using plants from nature, learn about the colors of the rainbow and even how to do amazing chemistry experiments that result in art pieces that they can take home and share with their families.

All About Animal Groups!

Students will learn about one type of animal group per day (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects). They will learn about what traits or characteristics they have that help us to determine what group they belong to. Students will have the opportunity have a visit from an animal expert or a trip to the zoo!

3rd - 5th Grades


Engineering Design Process: Thinking and creating like an Engineer! --New

The engineering design process is a series of steps engineers use to solve problems. This activity takes the camper from having an idea to creating a prototype to eventually having a final product. All these steps are important and gone through as many times as needed until our camper has the design he/she would like.  Campers' project will be to create a Balloon Car and, if time permits, a pendulum (Newton's Cradle) or a Rollercoaster Engineering Project.

Robotics via LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robots--New

In this activity, campers will use the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots and accompanying software to build and program robots. The campers will learn how to make their robots move and respond to a variety of sensors through an introduction to various programming components. At the end of the week, campers will put together the knowledge and skills they've learned to program their robot to travel through an obstacle course and solve other complex challenges.

Survival Camp—Outwit, Outplay, Outlast! --New

Students would be using the Maker Space Lab for various reasons. Students would be team building and creating shelters, building fires, building catapults to defend shelters and much more. There will also be an outdoor element to the day, with a team building exercise.

The Science of Art

Campers learn how science is used to create amazing art forms in nature. 

Let it fly, watch it fall!

You don't have to wait until you're in high school to learn about Newton's Laws!  Students will learn about Newton's laws through an array of activities, such as, making rockets, egg drops and designing catapults—to name a few.

6th - 9th Grades


Video Game Character Creators! --New

Colorful and dynamic video games all begin with a pencil. Concept Artists transform lines and smudges into characters that move and jump. In this week long course taught by Activision, Marvel and DC comics artist Dave DeVries, you will create your own video game character--first as a written description, then as sketch, and finally arriving at a painted finished design. Students will work using acrylic paint and Photoshop to create their hero, villain or creature of their dreams.

Civil Engineering (Structures and Bridges) --New

Students will learn the basics of structures through videos, discussion, and hands on experiments then apply what they have learned to design trusses and bridges. They will explore the strength of different truss shapes by constructing and testing trusses on day 1 and 2 of the camp. After critical thinking about their results, they will create a model bridge out of balsa wood that can with stand a load many times its own weight! Students will use mechanical drawings, Xacto knives, and truss and bridge testing devices.


Get ready for hands-on and minds-on via VEX Robots! What a great way to expose students to STEAM education! Simple snap-together pieces allow students to collaborate and problem-solve as they build, test and tweak their robots. Students will then use their robots to compete with their peer's robots. From motors to the programming, the campers are in control. This course creates a fun, teamwork-driven environment as students learn how science, technology, engineering, art, and math are all interwoven with each other in the building of their VEX robots.

MORT is a year-round extracurricular program that not only competes in First Robotics Club, it also reaches out to prospective students, as well as the community to promote STEAM education. In this week-long "crash course", your child will learn about the different facets of FRC design and fabrication: introduction to design, mechanical fabrication, electrical components, and programming.

Woodshop 101

Students will learn and make a variety of wood pieces using a variety of tools. From creating candy jars to more complex pieces, students will not only build objects, they will also have their confidence built! They will learn about safety, paying attention to detail, and how to follow plans. As in Maker 101 and Science of Art, students can walk away feeling proud of their creations and perseverance.

High Ropes Challenge

Zip lines, belaying off walls, and more! Learn the physics of the high ropes course and the importance of teamwork! In this course, students are challenged to trust themselves and their peers, problem solve collaboratively, build their creative drive, and encourage each other to take risks by climbing walls, jumping into space and flying across a zip line that is nearly 30 feet high! Experienced instructors guide students through every challenge that is guaranteed to give them a great time, as well as develop their leadership and communication skills.

Rock & Roll Summer Academy (All day activity)

From beginners to advanced, campers learn how to play instruments in a band, run the sound and lighting for a major show and much more. The week ends with these students giving a live concert!

This year, we are opening this activity to students in grades 6-8! NOTE: Since this is an all day activity, your child will be unable to participate in another grades 6-8 activity unless he/she is registered for another week of STEAM Camp.

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