STEAM Summer Camp has been Cancelled

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, the STEAM camp will be cancelled this year.

K - 2nd Grades


Mount Olive Rocks...And Minerals

Mount Olive Rocks...and Minerals: Students will learn about earth sciecne with a focus on rocks and minerals. While enjoying and learning about nature's beauty, we will take a hands-on approach to experience the wonders that Earth offers.

Astronauts in Training

Astronauts in Training: 3...2...1...blastoff! Explore the universe around us through STEAM-based lessons and activites. Students will begin camp as a "astronaut-in-training" and leave STEAM Camp as a "seasoned " astronaut!

Seussical Summer of Fun

Seussical Summer of Fun: Oh, the places you will go during this fun-filled week of Dr. Seuss! With stories, crafts, activities and games galore, this is guaranteed to be a week that your child will remember! Campers will explore the creative, imaginative world of Dr. Seuss by participating in daily STEAM activities paired with literature. From Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the crazy antics of the Cat in the Hat, campers will enjoy participating in a variety of wacky, fun activities that will be sure to spark their imaginations!

The Art of STEAM

The Art of STEAM: Children will learn that art and science are in everything. They will create beautiful artwork using plants from nature, learn about colors of the rainbow and even how to do amazing chemistry experiments that result in art pieces that they can take home and share with their families!

All About Animals

All about Animals: Students will learn about one type of animal group per day (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects). Students will also learn about what traits and characteristics the animal has that will determine what group they belong to.

3rd - 5th Grades


The Art of Steam

The Art of STEAM: Get ready to create projects by intergrating art with scientific discoveries, technology, engineering and math! You will learn the mysterious science of slime, design and build geodomes, conduct fizzing experiments and investigate the elements of nature through art.

Comic Book Commandos

Comic Book Commandos: In this one week session, students of various ages will work in groups, or as solo creators, to craft their own story, dialogue and penciled pages. In addition, students will finalize their work by using GIMP, a photoshop like program, to color their art and add word ballons and special effects. Add some cover art and the masterpiece is complete! Dave, the instructor, is a 30-plus year veteran of the comic book industry, working for both Marvel comics and DC comics. In addition, he has done concept art on the LEGO Movie 2 and Universal Studios theme parks ( the Mummy ride).

Maker Space Camp 2020

Maker Space Camp 2020: Alien Planets, Galaxy Slime,Space Landers and More! Join us in our creative space where we will build projects from our minds, work in groupsand think outside the ordinary box!

Thinking and Creating Like an Engineer

Thinking and Creating Like an Engineer: The engineering design process is a series of steps engineers use to solve problems. This activity takes the camper from having an idea to creating a prototype to eventually having a final product. Projects such as balloon car, possibly Newtons Cradle or a Roller Coaster Engineering Project.

Roller Coaster Design and Engineering

Roller Coaster Design and Engineering: How do coasters work? What makes them so exhilirating? In this course, students will create their own roller coaster! Students will learn about the science behind roller coasters. They will plan & create a real life coaster protoype.Then, students will use the program Planet Coaster to digitally create & test their coaster! Students will also choose an engineering project of their choice to create. Sample projects include: a bridge, egg drop, boat, marble run, marshmallow catapult and a rubber band car.

6th - 9th Grades


Comic Book Commandos

Comic Book Commandos:In this one week session, students of various ages will work in groups, or as solo creators, to craft their own story, dialogue and penciled pages. In addition, students will finalize their work by using GIMP, a photoshop like program, to color their art and special effects. The instructor, Dave, is a 30-plus year veteran of the comic book industry, working both for Marvel comics and DC comics. In addition, he worked on concept art for Universal Studios (The Mummy Ride) and LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

Rock and Roll Academy

Rock and Roll Academy: From beginners to advanced, campers learn how to play instruments in a band, run the sound and lighting for a major show and much more. The week ends with these students giving a live concert.

Note: This is a full day course.

Discovery Sports Camp

Discovery Sports Camp: We are excited to anounce the brand new Discovery Sports Camp, a multi-sport centered summer experience for your child. Our dedicated staff of professionals are prepared to challenge athletes of all levels on and off the sports field. Activities will range from team building exercises to strengthen communication and trust, to cooperartive and competitive game play to enhance skills and strategies. All activites will be conducted indoors in the gymnasium and out doors on the fields.


Robotics: This camp teaches about the tools and competition of high school robotics. This camp is recommended for any student wanting to be a part of the Mount Olive Robotics Team.

Woodshop 101

Woodshop 101: Students will learn and make a variety of wood pieces using a vaiety of tools. From creating candy jars to more complex pieces, students will not only build objects, they will also have their confidence built! They will learn about safety, paying attention to detail, and how to follow plans. Students will walk away feeling proud of their creations.


Drones: Learn the fun of aviation with Drones. This course will challenge you to fun- flying with a simulator and real life drone experiences.

Civil Engineering (Structures and Bridges)

Civil Engineering (Structures and Bridges): Students will learn basis of structures through videos, discussion, and hands-on experiments then apply what they learned to design trusses and bridges. They will explore the strength of different truss shapes by constructing and testing trusses on Day 1 and 2 of camp. After critically thinking about their results, they will create a model bridge out of Balsa wood. Students wiill use mechanical drawings, Xacto knives, and truss bridge testing devices.

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