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posted: Thu, Nov 14th, 2019

Students perform ‘Moosical’ 

About 175 Sandshore students in first grade and second grade recently took to the stage and performed "A Barnyard Moosical," a 20-minute production about a group of unique farm animals. Directed by music teacher Lisa King, the imaginative and whimsical mini-musical tells the stories of a chorus line of cows, gourmet goats, compulsively neat pigs, and dancing chickens.

The students, each taking the part of one of the barnyard animals, sang six fun songs with a recorded instrumental accompaniment. They rehearsed in their individual weekly music classes for about two months; two grade-level rehearsals and two combined rehearsals were also held. 

In addition to helping students learn about farm animals, the production helped reinforce key components of the music curriculum. For example, teaching students the various ways that music and lyrics can be used to tell a story is an important piece of the first grade curriculum. The second grade curriculum includes helping students understand how music can reveal information about the people that perform or create it and how rhythm and tone of voice can communicate emotion.

On the night the musical was performed, the school also held its art show for students in grades K–2. Coordinated by art teacher Ric Heckman, the show featured hundreds of pieces of student artwork.

Ruby Hernandez watches as her fifth grade buddy, Vega Prasanna, works a hydraulic arm


A visit to a unique carnival

First-graders and their fifth grade buddies recently traveled to a carnival – one where the focus was on learning more than playing. The trip was to Mount Olive Middle School’s makerspace and the carnival included STEAM-based games created by MOMS students.

Hydraulic arms and catapults were the foundations for all the activities. One game challenged kids to catapult plastic chicken nuggets into an alien’s mouth, for example, and another asked them to operate a crane to pluck plastic goldfish out of a jar and return them to the “ocean.”

Students also had an opportunity to “touch” gear trains, hydraulics, and 3D printed objects, and see the makerspace’s 3D printers, media room with green screen, and prototyping workshop.

“My class couldn’t stop talking about hydraulics when they got back,” said Devon Marques, first grade teacher. “The experience was one of a kind. The students learned so much and saw how projects can be created to benefit other people. Hearing the middle-schoolers speak eloquently about their inventions was inspiring.”

For the Sandshore students, the carnival was an opportunity to spend time with their buddies and explore the science behind games. In addition, it provided the students, particularly the fifth-graders who will be attending MOMS next year, with a peek at their future school and the technology in the makerspace. They saw first-hand some of the exciting projects that they too can be creating in just a year or two.

"I was so surprised that these middle schoolers could build all those cool things,” said Makenzie Lessing, a fifth-grader in Tricia Mitchell’s class.

To culminate the event, the Sandshore kids worked with the MOMS students in workshops to create slingshots and straw rockets.

Grace Hubbard and Riley Kazan stand in one week's plastic collection

Helping the environment

In just five weeks, Sandshore students and staff prevented nearly 600 pounds of plastic from entering area landfills and possibly even the ocean. The school is collecting plastic bags for recycling – an effort that puts the focus on protecting the environment and reducing the consumption of single-use plastic products.

The collection will continue throughout the year. However, between November 15 (America Recycles Day) and April 15, the school will compete in the 13th annual Trex Annual Recycling Challenge. Sponsored by Trex, a manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and other outdoor materials, the program challenges schools to collect the most plastic bags. Schools of equal size in the same geographic area are grouped together and the school in each group with the highest collection total will receive a buddy bench made from Trex composite material.

Sandshore’s bags are weighed each week and then brought to Target, a designated drop-off location. The collection totals during the competition will be reported monthly to Trex. Winning schools will be announced on Earth Day, April 22.

“Although the competition is very exciting for students, they are really focused on making a difference in their community,” said Elena Melekos, school counselor. “They love seeing how much plastic is being brought it. The project is helping them be aware of how much plastic they themselves are using every day.”

Sandshore’s Kindness Ambassadors are actively involved in the recycling effort. The ambassadors, fourth- and fifth-graders who assist with schoolwide service projects, help with weighing the plastic. During the weekly PA announcement of the collection total, ambassadors also share facts about plastic and how it impacts animal and marine life.

Plastic that can be donated for recycling includes:

  • Grocery and retail bags

  • Bread bags

  • Case overwraps

  • Dry cleaning bags

  • Newspaper sleeves

  • Ice bags

  • Ziploc and other resealable bags

  • Produce bags

  • Bubble wrap

  • Salt bags

  • Cereal bags

Last year, the Trex Annual Recycling Challenge encouraged the recycling of more than 500,000 pounds of bags.

School counselor Elena Melekos loads security officer Stan Dutkus' truck which is used to transport the bags to be recycled
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