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posted: Mon, Jun 17th, 2019

Visiting the Meadowlands marsh

The third grade recently visited the Meadowlands Environmental Center to learn about marshes and see first-hand some of the living things within a marsh.

After a brief introduction to the qualities of a saltwater marsh, the students ventured outside with a tour guide to explore the sights, sounds, and smells of the marsh ecosystem. Along the way, the students were asked to make observations about the unique physical environment, fauna, and flora. The Meadowlands area is home to plankton, marsh grasses, aquatic turtles, fish, birds, shrimp, and muskrats.

Then it was time to go hands-on. At a collection site, the third-graders used dip nets to scoop up the brackish water and mud, then identified some of the organisms they caught. They found worms, fish, fly larva, and a crab.

Some of the specimens were put into collection boxes and brought back inside to a lab area where students examined some of their finds under a microscope.

“The kids saw an environment far different from what they see every day,” said teacher Darcy McHale. “It was a great experience for them to observe the animals and plants they don't normally come in contact with.”

The third grade has been visiting the Meadowlands Environmental Center annually for about five years. The trip augments what the students learn in the classroom about various ecosystems and habitats, an important part of the third grade science curriculum.

Ashley Esposito wheels back to launch a shot put

Field day high scores

The competitive track and field day for fourth- and fifth-graders included a dozen events: 

1/2 mile yun

50 yard dash

50 yard hurdles

4x100 relay race

Shot put


Long jump

Ball throw for distance

Frisbee throw for distance

Soccer punt for distance

One minute basketball shoot challenge

Jump rope contest


Some of the notable highs were:

4th grade girls jump rope: 16 minutes

5th grade girls jump rope: 20 minutes

5th grade boys jump rope: 12:57

4th grade boys basketball shoot: 21 baskets in a minute

5th grade boys basketball shoot: 26 baskets in a minute

5th grade girls basketball shoot: 19 baskets in a minute

5th grade boys high jump: 52"

5th grade girls high jump:  43"

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