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Workshop Sessions

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Topics discussed: ● Current apps kids are using and what you need to know about them ● Risks associated with popular social media sites ● "Sexting" and online predators ● How to set expectations and consequences ● How to monitor online activity and find secret Instagram accounts ● How to talk to your child about pornography ● Parental controls and privacy settings

Please note the seminar is FOR PARENTS ONLY. NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED IN THE PRESENTATION. Students in grades 5-12 will have a presentation conducted by Cyber Security Cop during the school day. Their presentation will cover similar topics but with an emphasis on the student perspective. If you prefer your child not attend the presentation, please email their school principal to inform them. In an effort to ensure we can properly plan for the event, please take a moment to fill out this google form, if you plan on attending. Please note by filling out this form, you are not obligated to attend. Guests are also welcome to attend, if they do not fill out the form ahead of time. For more information about the event, please contact Mrs. Carissa Caliguiri at


Past Presentations