Pathways to Excellence

The Pathways to Excellence plan is the Mount Olive Public Schools Long Range (5 year) Strategic Plan.  The document sets ambitious goals for the students of Mount Olive; seeking to see as many as 82.5% of Mount Olive Graduates “college-ready” and at least 60% of students not attending college “career-ready” by summer 2019.  College readiness is re-defined as the capability to finish a college education within five years of graduating from the Mount Olive High School.  Career-readiness is defined as being “financially independent” within five years of graduation from Mount Olive High School. 

To monitor progress toward these goals, the district has adopted internal benchmarks; a 1550 or higher score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and 95% of students scoring “proficient or better” on one of New jersey’s high-stakes assessments to measure college readiness.  Career ready benchmarks have yet to be developed but will be soon.

Generalized methods and strategies are discussed that are intended to prompt ever higher student performances over the next five years.  Some of the techniques include getting more students thinking; re-equipping leadership, aligning efforts around the focused goals of Pathways, and embracing technology and STEM learning environments.

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