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Makerspace is open for business

“Look what I made!”

During a second grade class’ visit to the new makerspace, that was the oft-repeated refrain spoken to Melissa Marvin, MV’s library media specialist. That one sentence neatly sums up the space. It’s a spot that allows students to have fun engaging their creativity and curiosity while exploring science and technology.

“Kids love the makerspace because they learn while playing,” said Mrs. Marvin. “They love using their imaginations and working with their friends.” 

The makerspace is in the section of the school library that was once a dedicated computer lab. Since mobile computer technology such as Chromebooks and tablets is more flexible and popular, the area was repurposed. A dividing wall was put up, and new furniture was installed that would give students the room they need to work collaboratively.

Students work in the makerspace under Mrs. Marvin’s direction at least once per month during their library class. Sometimes she conducts a unique lesson, other times students she engages students with several kits and modules that encourage student discovery and construction. For example, science and technology sets such as Cubelets allow students to build simple robots; with Snap Circuits Jr., they can make various electronics projects with snap-together pieces; and Bloxels provide kids with the power to make their own video games. 

There are sets and tools for students of all age groups. 

A table of achievement

Don’t just walk past that huge periodic table in the fourth and fifth grade hallway. Take a closer look, it’s not what you think.

In honor of Black History Month, fourth-graders worked with their teachers to create a display of famous African Americans organized like the periodic table of the elements. 

For the Black History Month table, the real periodic table’s columns and sections (e.g., noble gases, alkali metals) were assigned categories such as artists, scientists, authors, activists, musicians, and politicians. The two-letter abbreviations for the elements were replaced with the initials of the men and women who were recognized.

While the display is both cleverly arranged and powerful, the table only represents a visual summary of the students’ learning of important African Americans. Much more work was done in the unit.

“Creating the table was a great way to frame our beginning discussions about the unique and varied ‘elements’ our contributors possessed,” said Melissa Ezro, who co-teachers with Anessa Goldkind.

Each student in the fourth grade selected a different African American and spent several days independently researching that person’s life and accomplishments. The students then presented their learning in a choice of methods. For example, some compiled Google Slides, others created scrapbooks, and still others wrote newspaper articles.

Rosa Parks, Louis Armstrong, Langston Hughes, Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Washington Carver, and Barack Obama were among the luminaries studied.

Liz Stala and Eleanor Hamilton-Jones bring in penny jars after the day's last lunch period

Fundraiser helps provide supplies to first responders

The war is over.

The fourth grade emerged victorious in the school’s recent penny war, a coin collection drive in which students competed to donate the most money in order to win extra recess time. More than $560 was raised.

The money will be used in the school’s Adopt A First Responder program. An initiative coordinated by second grade teachers, the program will provide care packages of personal supplies to the Flanders Fire Department and Budd Lake Fire Department. Items that can be used out in the field such as snacks, beverages, and hand-warmers are some of the products which will be included. 

“Adopt a First Responder is something that I saw in an online second grade teacher group,” said teacher Corinne Sylvester, who has three generations of immediate family members that have been active firefighters. “I thought it was a wonderful to bring to Mountain View. The premise is to give back to those who give to us as a community.”

The students themselves voted to benefit the fire departments this year. In addition to the penny war, money is being sought and donations accepted in other ways. The second-graders wrote letters to 175 local businesses asking for support and an Amazon Wish List was created to make it easy for parents and staff members to make contributions. 

A major part of the second grade social studies curriculum focuses on communities and the importance of good citizenship. Adopt A First Responder is an activity that allows students to put into action what they have learned. 

“This project has given students an opportunity to see that no matter how young they are, they can make a difference in their community,” Ms. Sylvester said. “The ownership and excitement the students have shown throughout the process is truly exciting.”

Donations are being accepted through Friday, February 28. The goal is to send the care packages by mid-March.

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