• All students must complete 5 credits in Performing Arts and 5 credits in 21st Century Life and Careers, or Career Technical Education (Practical Arts) in order to fulfill their graduation requirements for Mount Olive High School. The courses that satisfy this requirement are listed in the chart below.

  • All students must also complete 2.5 credits in Financial, Economic Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy (Financial Literacy). The courses that fulfill this requirement are: Accounting I, AP Economics: MACRO/MICROBusiness Admin and Management, and Personal Finance.  The courses used to fulfill the Financial Literacy requirement cannot also be used to fulfill the Practical or Performing Arts requirements.

21st Century Life and Careers, or Career-Technical Education (Practical Arts)

Accounting I

Accounting II Honors

Advanced Robotic Systems (Robotics IV)

Advanced Studio Production-Marauder Madness (TV III)

Advanced Video Production (TV II)

Advertising and Promotion

AP Economics - Macro/Micro

Air Force JROTC I

Air Force JROTC II


Air Force JROTC IV

Architecture I

Architecture II

Architecture III

Audio Engineering

Basic Woods

Business Admin and Management

Business Computer Apps/Microsoft Office

Business Law and Ethics

Developing Robotic Systems (Robotics III)

Digital Design & Fabrication (Introduction to Engineering II)

Exploring Computer Systems and Technology

Fashion Marketing

Filmmaking/Cinema (TV II)

Finance Honors

Foods II

Foods III: Advanced Culinary

Independent Study to Mastery Woodworking (Advanced Woods)

Internet Applications

Intro to Drafting and CAD

Intro to Foods

Introduction to Robots and Drones (Robotics I)

Innovation & 3D Printing (Introduction to Engineering)

Marketing II Honors

Media Communication & Digital Citizenship (Web and LED Video Design)

MOTV Career Pathways/Independent Study (TV IV)

Personal Finance

Principles of Marketing

Product Design I (Industrial Design I)

Product Design II (Industrial Design II)

Robotics and Drones Design Applications II

Social Media Marketing (Communication in TV and Social Media)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

The MiLL Sandbox - Creative Inquiry Project (MILL Capstone)

Unified Makers

Video/Studio Production (TV I)

Performing Arts

Advanced Acting/Play Directing (Theatre Arts II)

Advanced Art

Advanced Painting and Drawing

Advanced Women’s Choir

AP Studio Art

Art History


Composition & Design I

Concert Choir Honors

Digital Photography

Foundations in 3D

Graphic Design I

Graphic Design II

Intro to Music

Introduction to Theatre (Theatre Arts I)

Music Theory I

Music Theory II Honors


Painting and Drawing I

Painting and Drawing II

Photography I

Photography II

Rock and Roll Academy


Symphonic Band

Theatre Production (Theatre Arts III)

Traditional Crafts

Wind Ensemble


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