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Your Athletic Trainer's Contact Information:
Sean Conroy, ATC
Phone: 973-927-2208 x7507      Cell: 973-479-5018

Ms. Jessica Nendze, MS ATC, CSCS
Cell: 862-200-0192

What is an Athletic Trainer and what services do they provide?

Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers, health care professionals, who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities. Students who want to become certified athletic trainers must earn a degree from an accredited athletic training curriculum. Accredited programs include formal instruction in areas such as injury/illness prevention, first aid and emergency care, assessment of injury/illness, human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic modalities, and nutrition. Classroom learning is enhanced through clinical education experiences. More than 70 percent of certified athletic trainers hold at least a master's degree.  Athletic training is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a healthcare profession.   For more information on Athletic Training go to the NATA online.

The Athletic Trainer is responsible for six areas of service:

  • Prevention
  • Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Immediate Care
  • Treatment, Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
  • Organization and Administration
  • Professional Responsibility


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Welcome:  Our schools Physicians (Skylands Orthopedics)

  • Dr. Murphy
  • Dr. Deehan
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Sports Physical Forms:  Please obtain from our Athletics office or our Nurses.

Physical Dates:    



Concussion Forms:  All Freshman, Juniors, and New students who have not taken the online baseline concussion test since 2015, need to complete the online test by First  practice.

Concussion Education Acknowledgement and Baseline ImPact Testing Form       *****CLICK HERE FOR THE BASELINE TEST INSTRUCTIONS!*****

Brain Pad Mouth Guards

Concussion Policy

Concussion Regulation

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Injury of The Season

Hamstring Strain  

Sprain:  A stretch or tear of a ligament or multiple ligaments.

Strain:  An overstretch or small tear of a muscle or tendon.

Ligament:  Attaches bone to bone.

Tendon:  Attaches muscle to bone.

Treatment Process:
Phase 1: This is the Acute stage and can last 3 to 4 days.
Phase 2: This is the Subacute stage lasting anything from 10 days to 8 weeks depending on severity.
Phase 3: This is the Final stage returning back to full fitness.
Acute Stage -- (Phase 1)
Ice (20min. on and 1hr off) intermittently 3 to 4 times daily (3-4 days)
- Use an elastic bandage for compression and can be worn all day when not icing. This will help support the muscle while
reducing the influx of swelling into the injury site. Elevation of the limb will help any swelling drain away from the injury site and
be reabsorbed into the body. (The athlete is ready to move on to stage 2 when daily activities and normal walking is
pain free. If this is not the case then continue with rest, ice and compression)

Subacute Stage: (Phase 2)
Depending on severity the sub acute stage can last 1 to 10 days for a grade 1 hamstring strain, 2 to 3 weeks for a
grade 2 hamstring strain and a severe grade 3 can last from 3 to 8 weeks or more and may require surgery.

Hot and cold therapy intermittenly (3min hot :1min cold 5 times) -- sports massage lightly at this time gradually
getting deeper. Light static stretching holding for 20 seconds(no pain should be felt just a stretch).
(When sports massage, jogging for 5min, and stretching is pain free then the Athlete is ready to move to Phase 3).

- Leg curls (standing and no weight)  
(3 sets of 12 reps)  watch video

- Supine Bridges (3 sets of 12 reps) watch video

- Seated Hamstring Curl (3 sets of 12 reps) watch video
(Make sure to ice for 20min. immediately after completing the exercises - then wrap again for compression)
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Phase 3:

In the final stage of the healing process deep tissue massage can be done every 3 days, Massage techniques will be deep and require longer recovery between sessions.

Heat can be applied for 20 minutes at a time once a day to really warm the muscle up and stimulate blood flow.

This should be continued until the athlete is back to full fitness and has completed the other 3 elements of hamstring rehab which are:

(hold stretches for 20-30sec and repeat 3

More advanced stretches

Dynamic Hamstring stretches:

 Dynamic stretching involves gently swinging the leg into a stretched position. Ensure the leg is relaxed at all times and the stretch is not forced. Perform 3 x 10 reps gently swinging the straight leg as high as is comfortable.

 Strengthening Exercises:
- Lunge with Ball or weight
(3 sets of 10) watch video

  - Good Mornings  (3 sets of 10)   watch video

Norwegion Leg Curl  (3 sets of 10)   watch video

  - Walking Lunges  (3 times up and back)

(Make sure to stretch and ice immediately following these exercises)


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