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The Mount Olive High School announces its search for the next inductee to the Mount Olive High School Hall of Fame. This award will both honor and recognize previous MOHS graduates that have gone on to great works. Hall of Fame honorees will have their picture posted in a permanent display in the High School Commons area along with a biography of their accomplishments after leaving MOHS. Today's MOHS students need role models with demonstrated personal histories of excellence and honor. It is our hope that our present day students will benefit from lessons learned by the school's yearly Hall of Fame honorees. Each award recipient will be able to speak to the students of the school, encouraging them that unparalleled success is not only possible, but expected from MOHS students.

As a part of the Hall induction ceremonies, the Mount Olive Township Schools will host an awards banquet and reception. At the school's ceremony the nominee will be officially inducted and offered the opportunity to address the crowd to explain how their MOHS education helped to shape their amazing accomplishments.

Although virtue may bring its own reward, we believe that good works deserve more concrete and tangible form of recognition. From the time of the laurel wreath awarded by the ancient Greeks, people recognize that in every field of endeavor some have distinguished themselves as outstanding in their particular work. Very often, in saluting such outstanding people, we do more than merely honor them; we help them to set an example for others.

In order to make this event happen, we need your help. Do you know of someone that is worthy of being inducted into the Hall? The nominees need not be heroes, just ordinary people that have graduated from MOHS ten years prior to the current year and have used their education to serve others with distinction. If you do, please complete the nomination Google form below, but please refer to the guidelines link embedded in the form first! Thank you for your help!  (Nomination Form) 

Nominations for the 2019 Hall of Fame - Due March 15, 2019.


Set forth, hereinafter, are those necessary guidelines to be considered by the Mount Olive High School Hall of Fame selection committee for the induction of any and all candidates:


1. Has established themselves as a good example for Mount Olive students
2. At least ten (10) years interim between graduation and induction
3. The maximum number of inductees in any academic year will be five
4. Nominated to the Hall of Fame Committee by Mount Olive citizens, faculty, students, and graduates.
5. Candidates shall be screened and recommended to the Hall of Fame Committee by a  rotating representative committee. Chosen on an annual basis from the total membership of the Hall of Fame Committee
6. Inductees into the Mount Olive Hall of Fame must be a graduate of Mount Olive Township High School, with the exception of the "Special Honorary Category."


• Academic/Career Accomplishments

1. A respected leader in his/her profession (involved in career-related activities)
2. National Merit Scholar and has demonstrated unique accomplishments within the area of their academic talents
3. Recognized academic achievements in Mount Olive High School and/or at the college or university levels

• Cultural/Performing Arts

1. A recognized name in the performing arts
2. A contributor to the promotion of cultural activities

• Major Contributions to the Mount Olive School District

1. Promotion of the school's name and philosophy
2. A major influence in the lives of Mount Olive students (by example or by contribution)

• Special Honorary Achievement

1. To honor a worthy recipient who may not have graduated from the Mount Olive School District. This worthy candidate, however, may present a very special situation, for which the Committee may wish to use the designation of "Special Honorary Achievement."

(Nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame should be sent to Dave Falleni, Athletic Director, at

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