Survey of New Community Members

Mount Olive Public Schools recently reached out to new home owners in the community to find out what drew them to our great towns.  Below are some of their responses.  

Thank you for the welcome letter.  We moved to Mount Olive this summer from a neighboring district where both are college age daughters went to school K-12.  Our son, is in second grade.  When we made the decision to move and knew the right home was not going to be in our current town I researched districts nearby and I was impressed with Mount Olive curriculum and High School performance.  My son is a struggling reader and one of the first components of your curriculum I reviewed was ELA and was pleased the Foundations program was being used.  I wish my son had the opportunity to receive the instruction since Kindergarten and the second aspect of ELA I was looking for was the Reading and Writing Workshop model. Since we have been here I have been even more impressed with the district and the curriculum.  I know we made the right decision for our son

I loved getting this email today, I am absolutely obsessed with Mount Olive! We moved here in May of 2016. My oldest attends CMS and is in 4th grade, my twins attend Mountain View for the am session of k-xcel and CMS for the afternoon session of kindergarten. My eldest is playing football this fall, in the spring he plays baseball, he is IN LOVE!!! One twin played t-ball last year and the other played softball. The coaches, all of them, every single one, are so amazing, life changing actually.  

I am originally from Maine, my husband is originally from South Orange, NJ. We lived in Essex county for 8 years. As our children got older and I continued to really dislike living in such a hectic environment, we decided to look to buy our first home. I really was craving a strong community, great sports, a place that I wanted to call home. After a year of searching we found our new house right in Mount Olive and I can never see myself leaving.  

I could go on and on about how much I love it here, all I need to do is start working for the town or school district and I'll be in my glory!! HA! If you need any further information, don't hesitate to ask. 

Good to hear from you. We recently bought a house in Budd Lake in July. We are a family of 4 with two kids, one boy aged 6 and one girl aged 2 almost 3. We actually moved from Bergen County to Mount Olive because it was less city. My husband and I grew up in Hackensack and we wanted to give our kids a different environment to grow up in. Every house we looked at in Bergen County had no backyard, no space for outdoor play for the kids. We love our new home with all the room not just inside but outside as well. We love the community in Mount Olive, every neighbor has nothing but nice things to say about the town. 

Are you new to Mount Olive? Yes, we just moved in in July of this year. How many school aged children do you have?  2- a 6 year old and in Kindergarten at Tinc and a 8 and in 2nd grade at Tinc.  Any preschoolers headed our way? No, we are done ;-)  

Most importantly, if you are new to Mount Olive, what drew you to our community?  Really it was the school system and the community. We wanted a close-knit community where we could raise our children. (Also the location is perfect as it is directly between both my sisters and my brother in-law's homes (Long Valley, Mine Hill and Mendham).  

We are also very happy so far with the sports programs. Our youngest is playing soccer and the oldest is going to be playing basketball :)  Thank you again for reaching out. We look forward to meeting you and other in the community :)

We received your email in regards to getting to know us. Here are the answers to your questions.  

Yes, we are new to Mt. Olive. We have one child in the district (Kindergarten) and we currently have a 2 year old who will soon be entering preschool (January). Baby number 3 is on the way (due in March).

What drew us to the community was a lot of things but the most important ones were the excellent school district, and reasonable commute for working purposes.  

I know this wasn't one of the questions but some important information that is worth knowing: Something we wished there was is a full day Kindergarten program :)

 My family and I are very excited to see what Mount Olive school district has to offer my child. We are new to Mount Olive, coming from Essex County. We have one child currently attending CMS. We made the decision to move to Budd Lake because it is very quiet, crime rate is low, and based on research- I feel the education portion will meet my high expectation. I have heard wonderful things regarding CMS and I am very eager to see how much my child has advanced from Kindergarten at the end of the year.