Goals and Information

The following examples of enduring understandings and essential questions will guide students toward successful levels of achievement of our Physical Education benchmarks.
  • Having spacial awareness is essential for safe and efficient movement in all aspects of life.
  • People who continue to participate in regular physical activity are more likely to do so because they feel comfortable and competent in movement skills.
  • Manipulative and locomotor skills transfer to use in occupational and life settings. Regular participation in these activities has life-long benefits.
  • How does my use of movement concepts influence that of others? 
  • What do the words "physically fit" and "in shape" mean? Why is it important in life to be physically fit?  
Upcoming Events
Check out each schools website to see upcoming PE-related events throughout the school year.  Events such as:  fundraisers, field days and parent-student activity events, etc.
Please visit each schools individual website for more detailed information regarding our programs, policies, procedures and more!
As a K-5 PE Department, we want to:
  • encourage regular participation in physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • develop techniques to participate in and an appreciation for fitness-related skills.
  • teach movement skills and sports-related skills to become confident participants in any sport or activity.
  • enrich the lives of our students as they learn cooperation, sportsmanship, giving to others, and what it means to be a part of a community.
Healthy Links:
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The Center for Disease Control
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Nutrition for Kids
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New Jersey Alliance for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance