Our instrumental program at the elementary school is an outstanding way for your child to learn a musical instrument.  In addition to the in-school instruction that your child receives, we also use SmartMusic as an important resource at home.  Using this music tutorial software, your child's teacher can assign practice items and music that is specific to your child's needs.  Additionally, when your child is practicing at home, they have the accompaniment and the ability to receive real time feedback as the computer 'listens' to your child play.  Below is an outline of how it works.  

Downloading and Installing Smart Music

Step 1: Click on Download SmartMusic and follow the onscreen instructions for installing the program. They will be specific to the type of computer you have at home.

Step 2: Once opening the program, you will have an opportunity to create a username and password for your child. It is very important to select the correct school so that his or her music assignments can go to the correct teacher.

The current cost of the subscription is $40 for the calendar year ($3.34 per month).