Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Course Description

Mt. Olive Township elementary schools offer students band and orchestra programs in fourth and fifth grade.  These programs continue on into the middle and high schools.  These programs aim to introduce students to playing instruments.  Students will focus on fundamental skills of instrumental playing:  basic technique on an instrument, reading musical notation and how to be a successful member of a performing ensemble.  They broaden their general music experiences playing different genres and styles of music.  Students develop their skills in working together with others, while learning self-discipline in preparing their ensemble music.  These programs are optional.

Band instruments offered are flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, oboe, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone horn and mallet percussion.  Other instruments become available as students move into the middle school program.

Orchestra instruments offered are violin, viola, cello and bass.

An important component also used to support our instrumental music program is Smart Music, an at home practice tool that students can use to improve their musical ability at a rapid pace.  Here is a graphic that offers an overview of how it works: