General/Vocal Music

General/Vocal Music Course Description

In elementary school, the General/Vocal Music program will guide students through the beginnings of music education, exploring the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, form and timbre), learning proper singing techniques, and discovering the history of music in our country and around the world.  Students will develop skills for playing instruments and will develop critical listening and evaluative skills.
Through the study of music, students will develop the following understandings.
1. The study of music and development of musical appreciation will contribute to a well rounded perspective that includes an appreciation for all aspects of music and its influence on the world.
2. An understanding of the elements of music is foundational to basic music literacy.
3. Music is a form of communication and self-expression.
4. Music composition is governed by prescribed rules and forms.
5. Proper singing and playing instruments have distinct techniques and characteristics.
6. Active listening with focus, intent, and understanding is an important component of the full appreciation of music.
7. Music invokes emotions, ideas, mental pictures that can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the listening.
8. Music and culture reflect each other.