Art K-5

Chester M. Stephens - Denise Palmisano
Mountain View - Laura Murdoch
Sandshore - Richard Heckman
Tinc Road - Jennifer Fernandez
Visual Arts K - 5 Program Description
The K-5 Visual Arts Curriculum introduces and builds upon fundamental concepts in art.  Concepts, techniques and skills are established, reviewed and enriched through meaning and application with each grade level.  Areas of concentration include Elements of Art, Color Theory, Art History, and Cultures.  With each sequential grade level, curriculum units are studied and applied in greater depth and emphasis is placed on student dialogue, critical inquiry, and reflection in response to the art-making process.  Classroom dialogue is encouraged by student artists about their own art, and the artwork of master artists.  The students will us an extensive array of art media and be instructed how to engage in safe and appropriate use of classroom materials and tools.  Some art media may include watercolor paints, oil pastels, tempera paint, crayons, markers, clay, printmaking, mixed media and textiles.  During the course of the school year, art units will provide experiences in two and three - dimensional art.  Students will delve into projects with focus upon the elements of art, color theory, famous artists, art movements and multicultural art.  Students will engage in a sequence of engaged learning experiences that will develop student understanding and self - assessment of their own artwork through planned - doing - reflecting segments.  This will be achieved by pedagogical pacing through various classroom activities that encompass active learning strategies, multi - sensory instruction, guided instruction, independent practice and student evaluation.