SEPAG presents Mindfulness to CALM the Chaos

Wed, Nov 6th, 2019

6:30pm -8:00pm

Location: Mt. Olive Middle School Library-Childcare Provided

Building resilience, awareness, emotional regulation and a coping tool kit one mindful moment at a time!

As parents and carers we want to protect our children from the challenges life can throw at them while preserving our sanity as well. Beyond simply increasing attention, Mindfulness cultivates self awareness making it a powerful tool for enhancing social-emotional learning at school and at home. Join Amy Rubin, founder of MindfulSELFF, and discover helpful ways to Manage strong emotions, handle setbacks and difficult experiences while building empathy and resilience for yourself and your loved ones.

Through guided practice, demonstrations, shared resources and supportive networking, participants will come to discover:

Simple practices to infuse calm into their lives to build attention and resilience into their households.
Powerful ways to flip the switch (of awareness) rather than flipping our lids (explosively reacting rather than compassionately responding)
A heart-centered approach to managing strong thoughts and feelings to grow compassion for themselves and others.

(Mindful Social-Emotional Learning for Friends & Families)

A little bit about Amy Rubin-founder of MindfulSELFF (Social-emotional Learning for Friends & Families)

Amy started her career as an elementary school teacher in New Jersey over 17 years ago. Her classroom served as a model site for district-wide staff development with a focus on Mindful Instruction. After completing her MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) certification in 2016 she started MindfulSELFF to combat the stress/anxiety epidemic affecting teachers and students younger & younger. Today she offers Professional Development for Educators, Family Meditation Classes and Individual Mindful Mentoring to reach the greatest audience. She is a heart-centered, enthusiastic presenter who shares her Mindful Approach to teaching & learning to promote compassion, resilience and joy in the Human Experience.

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