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Chromebook Usage Rules

Under our 1:1 teaching and learning vision, the Chromebook issued to students in grade 6-12 is an extremely important instructional tool and resource.  As such, it is imperative that students are vigilant in bringing their fully charged Chromebooks to class every day.  Failure to do so will result in an unnecessary disruption of the instructional process and could lead to a student falling behind in their academic work. Due to the instructional importance attached to this device, students who neglect to bring their chromebooks to class on a daily basis will be subject to progressive disciplinary consequences.  In addition, the following Code of Conduct does not address every potential form of inappropriate behavior.  Those not cited in this document will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  

Offenses Subject to Disciplinary Consequences:

  • Downloading unapproved apps/extensions/programs that are on the Mount Olive Township School District Apps and Extension List without first receiving permission to do so

  • Leaving Chromebook unattended

  • Deleting School installed settings on the Chromebook

  • Lack of care for Chromebook and accessories

  • Intentionally causing damage to another student’s device

  • Intentionally disrupting a student from working on their device

  • Resetting the Chromebook to factory settings

  • Placing the Chromebook in developer mode without teacher/administration consent

  • Adjusting settings on someone else’s device

  • Adding a personal credit card to a Google Account (Google Wallet) to purchase music/unapproved apps

  • Illegal installation or transmission of copyrighted materials

  • Accessing materials that are obscene, offensive, and/or inappropriate

  • Transmitting materials that are obscene, offensive, and/or inappropriate

  • Knowingly placing a virus on a computer network

  • Participation in cyber-bullying in any manner - will be identified as an HIB offense

  • Using objectionable language in public or private messages (for example: in G-Hangouts, G-Chat, etc.): racist, terroristic, abusive, sexually explicit, threatening, stalking, demeaning, or slanderous

  • Unpreparedness for class (leaving Chromebook home/not having a fully charged device)

If a Chromebook is broken, please alert your Teacher (K-5) or Building Technician immediately.