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Graduates are WELL PREPARED for college & careers
Opportunities for TEAMWORK to build skills and personal success
Students have a GROWTH MINDSET & believe they can achieve
Schools are on the CUTTING EDGE with the latest technology
Diverse courses encourage students to EXPLORE unique interests
STEAM INSTRUCTION provides key skills & prepares students for the future
TOP NOTCH facilities help make us a great place to work and learn


By harnessing the power of instructional technology ALL MOTSD schools are certified as “Future Ready” by Future Ready Schools-New Jersey.


MOTSD exceeds New Jersey targets for inclusivity by fostering a culture that celebrates diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all.


MOTSD has been deemed a Morris County top 10 district in the 2024 Best Schools Report.

"A" rating has again highly ranked MOTSD with an overall A rating due to its commitment to academic excellence, supportive community, and exceptional student experiences.


Dr. Sumit Bangia- Superintendent , Alumna

"As a graduate of the Mount Olive Township School District (Class of 1997), I know first hand the exceptional education provided by our district. I am honored to have the opportunity to continue our rich tradition of excellence working alongside our amazing staff, students and larger school community."   #MarauderForLife

Tania Laverty – Parent

"The Mount Olive School District provides opportunities for students to learn and succeed in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.  Teachers, staff and administrators are positive role models who challenge and inspire students to excel.  I appreciate the outstanding education that my children are receiving."

Benet Tilves – Class of 2020

"Mount Olive High School has allowed me to reach all of my goals as a student, an athlete, and a leader. Without the support from the school and staff members, my aspirations in student government would never have been fulfilled."

Sirajj Ziyad – Teacher, coach, alumnus

"As an alumnus-teacher, giving back to this school community is personal to me. The teachers and administrators provided many tools to help me thrive as a student, which prepared me for life after high school.  They've been inspirational in my career path and I now have the joy of teaching and mentoring students to help set them up for success. I can hopefully continue the tradition of having a positive impact on students' lives the way others have done for me."

Melissa Pawlyk – Teacher

"While the facilities and course offerings at Mount Olive High School are state of the art, the people here are what truly make MOHS so special. I feel lucky to be in a district that emphasizes collaboration and to work with so many impressive and enthusiastic educators. Setting aside time for collaboration allows us to continually examine and refine our practices in order to provide the very best to our students. In turn, students are excited to learn, create, and grow."

James West – Teacher

"I was already a fairly accomplished educator when I left my former school 12 years ago to come to MOHS, but I was looking for a place that could help me take my game to the next level. MOHS has done just that. I get to work closely every day with dedicated teachers who have incredible ideas that they are eager to share. Administrators encourage me to take risks in order to really help my students connect math with the real world. I truly feel emboldened to be my best self."

Jessica Van Zee – Class of 2013

"If it weren't for the supportive art teachers and resources available to me, I would never have been encouraged or had the confidence to follow my dream as an artist. As a professional multimedia designer and producer, I can say there are lessons and skills that I gained at MOHS that did not just put me ahead in my college years, but have stayed with me throughout my career. If I could go back and do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing."

The Mount Olive Township School District, a guiding and unifying partner in a dynamic community, educates, challenges and inspires all learners within a safe, nurturing environment to discover and develop their unique abilities as literate, ethical and contributing citizens of the world.